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Black Tiger

Gordon is creating a teaser film for his urban kung fu comedy screenplay The Black Tiger, a mixture of old skool kung fu and new school hip hop.

Black Dog

Heather won a NYSCA grant to support her completion of a screenplay about a long estranged father reuniting with his family on Martha's Vineyard. Originally conceived as a Gregory Hines vehicle, she is rewriting it to make the lead character the matriarch of the family, a black woman in her mid-fifties.

The Booster

Gordon adapted a first draft from the novel by crime writer Eugene Izzi for Lou Digiamo (Silk City Pictures, Producer of Donnie Brasco). Sheldon Turner and Ed Solomon then did page one rewrites. Read Gordon's draft of The Booster (PDF, 150K)

"The Booster is a pic about a pair of thieves who try to rob the topmost floor of the Sears Tower from the outside during a storm. John McTiernan directs with Morgan Freeman attached to star. " Read more on Hollywood Stock Exchange.

The Garage - YouTube Serial

Gordon experiments with a little band of actors, doing improvs, working towards a dumb, dumb comedy script about, well, its hard to explain. To be shot on video in a garage with sets, homemade costumes and Gordon's own lighting kit.


Gordon and Heather's first foray into westerns, Uprising follows the adventures of an ex-slave and a Chinese railroad worker in the late 1860s.

Lena's Dreams Series

Enough people have inquired about the possibility of a series based on Lena's Dreams that Gordon and Heather have put together a presentation about a possible bible, the main characters being Lena, her mother, her boyfriend, her agent, her friend, and her friend's friends with benefits.

Other Scripts

Gordon and Heather have written a Western, a Kung Fu movie, a kid wrestler movie, a based-on-a-true-story romance about a handicapped Army Ranger, a Sherlock Holmes adaptation, and a safecracker movie....