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Films from Olympia Pictures: Manchild


Completed: 1990
Released theatrically: No
Broadcast on Local PBS
Available For Rent: Yes
Running Time: 30 Minutes


From August '86 to July '87, Dave Chan and I followed four brothers, Ankh, 14, Imra, 13, Mentu, 10, and Tahootie, 6, through school, streets, and home with a Nagra and a CP-16 camera. We looked like high school students and so were almost invisible to the adult population. Ankh and Imra, who had both lost their virginity but perhaps not their innocence, were amazingly forthcoming about their lives, and I think the resulting footage and movie is fairly unique in it's authentic depiction of a certain kind of male, urban childhood. -- Gordon Eriksen


"A completely fresh, high energy level look at the experience shared by almost all young people today as they grope towards some understanding of gender, sex, and coming of age."
-- Ross McElwee (Sherman's March)


Significant Playdates

  • Sundance
  • Asian American International Film Fstival
  • The Flaherty Seminar
  • Los Angeles International Film Festival
  • USA Film Festival ( Short Documentary Award)
  • Mannheim Festival of Short Films