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Films from Olympia Pictures: Lena's Dreams


Completed: 1997
Commercial Release: 1998/9
Running Time: 87 Minutes
Color 16 MM
Distributed by The Cinema Guild
Video/DVD from Delta Video
Cable Premiere on The Metro Channel
Winner of 5 American Film Festivals



Download a Presskit (MS Word Doc, 1.5M)
Contents: Synopsis, Production Notes, Interview with the Directors, Cast and Crew Bios, Extensive Photos


Lena's Dreams follows a Broadway actress, Lena, as she tries to keep her cool while frantically juggling her career, her relationship and her life. Starring Marlene Forte - in a career making part - it's "funny and furious, all at once." (The Village Voice) Shot in 16mm in the streets of New York City, it features a powerful group of up and coming actors that won critical acclaim - and prizes - as the film toured the festival circuit and opened commercially in New York City.


"Anyone who has ever struggled to be an actor in NYC will identify with Lena's Dreams. Marlene Forte is a PASSIONATE a film that keeps the romance of show business alive." -- Lawrence Van Gelder, NY Times

"A RIVETING performance supported by a superb ensemble!" -- Emanuel Levy, Variety

"A TERRIFIC movie--intimate, passionate, bristling with intelligence and vitality." -- Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

"As Lena, Marlene Forte is AMAZING -- you cannot stop watching her." -- Ernest Hardy, The LA Weekly

"The BEST film about the life of a New York actor since 'Opening Night'."-- Amy Taubin, The Village Voice

"SMART, sophisticated, and defiantly personal...Lena's Dreams is absolutely engrossing and vital." - Felicia Feaster, Creative Loafing (Atlanta)

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Significant Playdates

  • The Los Angeles Independent Film Festival
  • The Chicago Latino Film Festival
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival, WINNER! The Audience Award
  • Cinema Arts Centre International Film FestivalWINNER! The Cassavetes' Artist Award
  • Independents' Night Screening, Lincoln Center Walter Reade Theater
  • Long Island Film Festival at Stonybrook Staller Arts Center
  • Wine Country Film Festival
  • San Antonio CineFestival
  • Urban World Film FestivalWINNER! The Vision Award
  • The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival
  • Olympia Film Festival, Olympia, Washington
  • Atlanta Latino Film Festival, High Museum, Atlanta
  • Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge MA
  • Boston University School of Communications
  • Sarasota African Film Festival, Fl
  • Laguna Beach, CA Film Fest WINNER! Best Feature
  • Anthology Film Archive, New York, NY
  • Havana Int'l Film Festival
  • Anthology Film Archives NYC (Commercial premiere)
  • Women in Film festival.
  • Harvard Flm Archive
  • Miami Latino Int'l Film festival WINNER! Kodak Cinema of the Americas Award



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New York Times Review, Dec. 18, 1999